Group of friends watching a football game with snacks

Kitchenland Encourages Homeowners to Celebrate Super Bowl XLIX Responsibly

Are you hosting a Super Bowl party in your home this year?  Here’s something you should know. Homeowners may be held legally responsible for injuries or damages occurring as a result of serving alcohol to guests. Super Bowl Sunday is one of the most dangerous times of year for drunk-driving fatalities. In 2012, 38 percent…
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Woman and two children baking

Kids in the Kitchen

Teaching your child to cook is a wonderful way to help them develop important life skills and expand their interests. It also provides a great opportunity for some enjoyable time spent together as a family!  However, this recipe for family fun requires a pinch of Patience, a tablespoon of Love and 3 cups of Caution….
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Various spices on wooden spoons

Spice Up Your Kitchen!

Whether stored in a drawer, cabinet or convenient Lazy Susan, spices and herbs are key ingredients to every kitchen. In most cases, they serve as a necessary component to a meal. Other times,  by adding a pinch here or a dash there can completely change the direction of your dish. From salt to sage and…
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Kitchenland - Open kitchen concept with dark wood floors and cherry wood cabinets

Make the Most of Your Home!

Are you looking for home design ideas, remodeling tips and decorating advice from home improvement experts? Well, look no further! Houzz is your premier online source for enhancing and enjoying every room throughout your home. Have you checked us out on Houzz yet? If not, here’s what you’re missing… Become inspired by browsing over 3 million…
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Red onions and knife on a wooden chopping board

How to Cut a Cry-Free Onion

There are many things that make us cry in the kitchen.  Fallen soufflés, broken eggs or an overly roasted roast are just a few kitchen catastrophes which come to mind. Despite the sagest advice, even spilt milk continues to cause a tear or two in us all. Of all cry-worthy occasions in the kitchen, cutting…
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How To Care For Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are both an exquisite and practical addition to any kitchen space. Their beauty lies in the unique, marbled characteristics of every slab of stone. Their practicality rests in their extreme durability and resistance to heat. Granite countertops have completed the “dream kitchen” for many of our clients. If installed in your home, keep…
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Kitchenland - Hand using paint roller

How Much is Enough?

A Homeowner’s Guide to Purchasing the Right Amount of Paint… There’s nothing which livens up lackluster walls than a fresh coat of paint! You’ve tirelessly combed through countless color swatches to determine whether Persnickety Pink or Mystic Mauve best complements your personality and living space. Before heading over to the paint counter, you have one…
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Controlling Chaos: How to Organize a Junk Drawer

If your kitchen is like most others, it probably contains a junk drawer or two. There is no greater treasure than a convenient, catchall place to catch everything that doesn’t already have a preordained place. Over time, these drawers can become so cluttered leaving you perplexed by what you actually “caught.” Is your junk drawer…
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The Safe Way To Slice And Dice

When you think of accidents that occur in the kitchen, what most readily comes to mind? It may not surprise you to learn that injuries sustained by kitchen knives are at the top of the list. However, what may be shocking is most knife-related accidents occur when the blade has become too dull. Keeping a…
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Painting Your Perfect Kitchen

A fresh coat of paint can liven up even the most tired of kitchens. However, there’s more to waking your walls, baseboards and ceiling then picking the paint color. Follow these helpful painting tips when stirring your sleepy kitchen. Preparing Your Kitchen Canvas Give yourself the best canvas for showcasing your artistic talents. First, determine…
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