Jar Full of Thanks

November is when the weather finally starts to get cool and we get ready for the holiday season. While some can’t wait to put up their Christmas décor, we want to highlight the Thanksgiving season while we can. When you think Thanksgiving, what do you think about? The most obvious answer might be “giving thanks” and we at Kitchenland are thankful for many things. We decided to create two simple and fun crafts that will help remind you of all your blessings this Thanksgiving season and beyond!

The goal of this craft is to remind yourself of all the wonderful things you have to be thankful for. In a world that sometimes feels like it is going 100 miles-per-minute, it is good to take time to pause and reflect.

Supplies needed
2 Mason Jars

1 package (about 30-50) Multi-colored or wooden Popsicle sticks or strips of construction paper

Pipe cleaners

Googly eyes


Glue gun


Construction paper

Permanent marker

Gather around and take 30 minutes to an hour to however long you want to take and think of any and ALL the things you are thankful for!

Write them down on the popsicle sticks or construction paper (if using construction paper, cut into strips and fold them when placing into the jar), place them in one mason jar and decorate the jar however you see fit!

Place in an area you frequent as you are leaving or entering your home. Whenever you get home from a long day, pick out one of the sticks and remember something good in your life! Or you can fill out as a family and then after save reading all the sticks for Thanksgiving Day.

This can also be used during Thanksgiving day by having arriving guests write down their “thanksgivings” on the popsicle sticks and reading them out loud before or after the meal.

Use the other empty mason jar and fill with blank popsicle sticks and attach a permanent marker to the jar. Use this jar for your “New Thanksgivings” and list down something you were thankful for that day!

There are so many ways to utilize this simple craft. Let us know how you decorated your “Jar Full of Thanks” and how you use it below in the comments section.