Kitchenland - Open kitchen concept with dark wood floors and cherry wood cabinets

Make the Most of Your Home!

Are you looking for home design ideas, remodeling tips and decorating advice from home improvement experts? Well, look no further! Houzz is your premier online source for enhancing and enjoying every room throughout your home. Have you checked us out on Houzz yet? If not, here’s what you’re missing… Become inspired by browsing over 3 million…
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Red onions and knife on a wooden chopping board

How to Cut a Cry-Free Onion

There are many things that make us cry in the kitchen.  Fallen soufflés, broken eggs or an overly roasted roast are just a few kitchen catastrophes which come to mind. Despite the sagest advice, even spilt milk continues to cause a tear or two in us all. Of all cry-worthy occasions in the kitchen, cutting…
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How To Care For Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are both an exquisite and practical addition to any kitchen space. Their beauty lies in the unique, marbled characteristics of every slab of stone. Their practicality rests in their extreme durability and resistance to heat. Granite countertops have completed the “dream kitchen” for many of our clients. If installed in your home, keep…
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