Group of friends watching a football game with snacks

Kitchenland Encourages Homeowners to Celebrate Super Bowl XLIX Responsibly

Are you hosting a Super Bowl party in your home this year?  Here’s something you should know. Homeowners may be held legally responsible for injuries or damages occurring as a result of serving alcohol to guests. Super Bowl Sunday is one of the most dangerous times of year for drunk-driving fatalities. In 2012, 38 percent…
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Woman and two children baking

Kids in the Kitchen

Teaching your child to cook is a wonderful way to help them develop important life skills and expand their interests. It also provides a great opportunity for some enjoyable time spent together as a family!  However, this recipe for family fun requires a pinch of Patience, a tablespoon of Love and 3 cups of Caution….
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Various spices on wooden spoons

Spice Up Your Kitchen!

Whether stored in a drawer, cabinet or convenient Lazy Susan, spices and herbs are key ingredients to every kitchen. In most cases, they serve as a necessary component to a meal. Other times,  by adding a pinch here or a dash there can completely change the direction of your dish. From salt to sage and…
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